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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No Anger Management For Blogger Kanye

I usually keep all things related to Kanye West, 31, out of my blog; mostly because ALL I've heard and read is he's an arrogant ass. Talented? Yeah, I guess. But not as talented as he thinks he is.

Anyway, West took to his blog yesterday to respond to rumors claiming he's seeking anger management (which I saw, but couldn't find on any credible sites). His posting is neurotic and weird, so I thought I'd do him a favor and increase its circulation (...even if his blog already gets more hits than mine).

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The last sentence--"Check this out...I took a quote from my rant and used it as my headline.. just like a real media outlet would... hahaha"-- sure reads crazy. And it makes me wonder, how many voices are prattling in his head?

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Pamela said...

I think that anger management would be a good thing for Kanye. I dated a guy with anger management and it is difficult to deal with. If you have anger management, a good place to go to get help would be I hope this is helpful!