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Monday, July 14, 2008

"Bryant Youth Project" Bagged, But NPR Isn't "Just For Old People"

"Bryant Park Project, an NPR, $2 million-a-year, morning show, aimed at young listeners and web-users, has been canceled." Thus, Jossip contends: "NPR is for old people who can’t figure out how to change the dial," [Based on a story by NYT]

I still say NPR, Terry Gross and "Fresh Air" are the shit...and I'm relatively young.

Seriously, Gross conducts some of the best celebrity interviews. Period. You guys like famous people. She asks them interesting questions. And they respond. What sets her apart is she actually listens. Give her a hear. I think you'll like her show--"Fresh Air". [See Details Below]

That said, this "Bryant Park" business is new to me; never listened to it (now I guess I never will). But whenever NPR gets anyone young and "hip" to write or broadcast something, it doesn't resonate. Case in point: Disrespect is the New Chivalry. (I say you're just talking to the wrong guys, Alana Germany). And Mismatching is the New Matching.

(Uhhh, not when it looks like this.) And as far as I know, they weren't targeting the tween audience.

Stick to what you know NPR, middle-aged, monotone broadcasters, with soothing voices... or hire me. I'll liven things up.

Listen to Terry Gross interviews here.

"Radio Lab," or "Radiolab," is a good program too. But it only airs five times per season.

And "Marketplace" plays snippets of good songs in between stories. However, I think I may be among few people who have the time to preview and download them, so forget it. (Just in case that actually describes you, I've provided the link.)

Images via WHYY and NPR.

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