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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Even Crutches Look Hot

Yeah crutches don't make Portuguese soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo, 23, any less attractive. He gimped his way out of a Los Angeles restaurant on Tuesday, after undergoing a recent operation on his right ankle.

He'll be out of commission for the next 12 weeks. But, honestly, I have to admit I'm a little confused. What is this thing you call sports?

Of more importance, Ronaldo is newly single (probably). And in another lifetime he might actually date one of us.

Last week he, reportedly, dumped his Mel B-looking girlfriend-- Nereida Gallardo--because of her sketchy, skanky past. (Another one of Gallardo's ex-boyfriends recently told the British press she's a real Tomcat, who gets around. No judgment.) She denies they're broken-up.

Anyway, Ronaldo also hit up Villa nightclub on Tuesday. Now comes the real shocker. While there, lots of women hit on him. Alright fine, but one of them supposedly included Paris Hilton.

"Paris was all over him," a source told the Daily Mail (whose credibility is questionable). "The moment he arrived, she went over to his private table."

"At one point, she pushed her chest together and made a point of trying to snuggle up against him," the source added.

Hilton denies that happened; and said she spent the night with her family. But with the paps following her every move, there's documented proof that she's lying.

Page Six says she does that often.

Image via Kickette.


Flocke said...

What is wrong with her? I thought she was in love and wanted children. If he got rid of one skank, why would he want skankier?
And yes, nothing is going to make that man unattractive.

Morgan said...

DAMN So fine

Jen said...

Yeah don't believe anything paris says Flocke.

And I know Morgan.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Lovely! Very well-done! :)