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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Vogue" in August: Persians, They're Adorable

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While giving a cursory flip through Vogue's August "Age(less) Issue," I spotted some fierce-looking Persians, accoutred with supermodel Karen Elson.

To give you some background, in this issue, five Vogue editors were told to "show what they will wear this fall, how they will wear it and why." It's kind of inconsequential. All you really need to know is Creative Director Grace Coddington, 67-ish, clearly, has an affinity for expensive fluffy cats. Oh, and she'll be buying a slightly, cocoon-shaped, Balenciaga coat this winter.

Honorable Mention: In addition to making the August cover and serving as the feature story, Kate Moss, 34, is in practically every ad. I'll save that for another posting, though. (Betcha can't wait.)

P.S. Sorry I'm a crappy cropper/scanner.


ryder said...

i love this edit.with cats

Jen said...

Me too ryder :)