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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"I Survived a Japanese Game Show," Meh

To start, what was up with the winning team getting a tour of "the world's largest fish market" as their prize?

What else can you say to that?

Yeah they got to try, what I presume was, bomb-ass sashimi. But shitty, ABC! (Although I guess it could have been a cool cultural experience.)

Anyway, this week's episode of I Survived a Japanese Game Show wasn't at its most humiliating or entertaining.

In fact the best thing about it may have been the reactions from the audience.

I think that's because the challenges just weren't degrading enough (or the shock value wore off). First the contestants had to pedal against a treadmill...while riding a tricycle. (Meh compared to jumping at a target in a bee costume.) I'm not really sure what the point was, but the Yellow Penguins won, which means the Green Monkeys lost. As punishment they had to plant rice in a muddy field.

And two people from the losing team had to step into Velcro bodysuits, jump onto a trampoline and into a Velcro wall, with chalk outlines serving as targets.

I'm glad to relay Darcy's ass finally went home after that. Yatch was an anchor.

Also a plus, Andrew from Boston showed traces of crazy again. [See second clip]

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