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Monday, July 21, 2008

If You Twist Her Arm, Dina Lohan Will Dance

Last night on Living Lohan, Dina Lohan finally proved she's not living vicariously through her daughters.

During the episode, three of the Lohans (Ali, Dina and Cody) were in Vegas, so Ali could record some tracks for her debut album. Still, Dina managed to squeeze in a little gym time, and while there she just happened to meet a potential choreographer "for Ali." But before he got the job, the said choreographer had to undergo an audition, which consisted of busting a move with Dina. (What? How else is she supposed to know if he's any good?)

She wound up hiring him for Ali, but more than that, dancing struck a chord with Dina. Is there a better time to talk about your days as a Radio City Rockette?

Upon hearing her reminisce (we're expected to believe that her son) 12-year-old Cody had an "aha moment;" and decided to sell tickets to a show starring his mom and the new choreographer. He "secretly" handed out, and posted flyers all over the hotel. So when Dina eventually "found out" she feigned mild surprise and annoyance, but since a lot of people paid good money, she knew she had to dance.

To her credit, the momager of all momagers can break it down.

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