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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shia LaBeouf Arrested for DUI, Needed Surgery

[LaBeouf's truck at the scene of the accicent]

Shia LaBeouf, 22, (Indiana Jones, Transformers) was arrested for drunk driving on Sunday, after getting into accident that left him needing surgery.

(I don't want to sensationalize or anything, but dude totally flipped his ride! Luckily no one was seriously hurt. LaBeouf was driving with a female passenger. And the other guy was fine.)

LaBeouf, was driving when his car was involved in a collision around 3 a.m., Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sgt. S. Wolf told the Associated Press.

"It was immediately apparent to officers responding on the scene that LaBeouf was intoxicated and he was subsequently placed under arrest," Wolf said.

The actor was booked for a misdemeanor DUI and released.

He was later taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center where, according to People, he had "extensive hand surgery."

He reportedly sustained minor injuries to his head and knee as well.

He plans to return to the set of Transformers 2 within in one month.

And the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

(There's your 5 W's in their choppiest form.)

For more details check out People or AP.

This isn't that surprising guys. LaBeouf had an altercation with a guard at a Walgreens in Chicago last year, which led to his arrest for criminal trespassing.

As LaBeouf told Letterman (back in May), he was drunk at the time.