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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today Around the Blogosphere...

What?!?! Say it isn't so. This stud is going off the market.

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And what took so long? We all know that Betsy's a sport.

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"I'd love to do a younger, cleaner version of Sex and the City," Miley Cyrus, 15, reportedly says in the new issue of TV Guide.

Uhh, you're, getting colder Miley. Turn around and go the other way.
Khloe Karadashian, 24, has been sentenced to a maximum of 30 days in jail for violating the terms of her DUI- related probation. I guess she was an idiot and didn't do the mandatory roadside clean-up or sign-up for alcohol education classes. Whatever, she might not actually be that dumb. Five bucks says she only serves a few hours in jail. She has until Friday to surrender. [People]

Wow! This is not the kind of lip-syncing that was on Sesame Street when I was a kid. Darn you Feist! Step away from the four monsters, four penguins and four chickens.

And to think I respected her (kinda) before she sold herself to Apple and buddied-up with Perez Hilton. Oh well.

Although, since people say my generation doesn't condemn artists for selling out, what's next? Maybe we should ask these guys.

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