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Monday, July 28, 2008

Homophobic Snickers Commercial feat. Mr. T

U.S.-based candy maker Mars says it is pulling a Snickers television advertisement in the United Kingdom that prompted a complaint from a gay rights group.

This is the second time it's had to do this.

Last year some of the geighs had their panties in a twist (obvs kidding!) over a Super Bowl Snickers commercial featuring two mechanics who accidentally kissed. You can watch it here.

But the latest offensive ad, which features Mr. T shooting Snickers bars at a (presumably) gay power-walker to make him run (because "he's a disgrace to the man race" and needs to "run like a real man"), is a little more overtly so. It doesn't help that the slogan is "Get Some Nuts," although I'd argue that's pro-gay.

Anyway, check out this AP story for more details.

Thanks Flocke!


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